“Desperate times call for desperate measures.” という英語の教訓はどんな意味?





Today’s Proverb (今日のことわざ)

“Desperate times call for desperate measures.”


Origin or Interpretation(起源ないし解釈)

This proverb suggests that in times of crisis or extreme difficulty, unconventional or extreme actions may be necessary to overcome the situation. It emphasizes the idea of using drastic measures when facing dire circumstances.



Example 1

During the economic recession, many families resorted to desperate measures such as selling their belongings to make ends meet.


Example 2

Facing a looming deadline, the team decided to work around the clock to complete the project, illustrating that desperate times call for desperate measures.


Example 3

In a desperate attempt to save his failing business, the entrepreneur took out a high-interest loan, knowing that desperate times call for desperate measures.


Short Story

During a blackout in the city, Tom had to find a way to keep warm. With no power for heating, he resorted to desperate measures and cuddled up with his pet lizard for warmth, realizing that desperate times call for desperate measures.




発音記号: /ˈdɛspərət/

品詞: adjective

意味: 絶望的な、必死の

例文: The refugees made a desperate attempt to reach safety across the border.


発音記号: /kənˈvɛnʃ(ə)n(ə)l/

品詞: adjective

意味: 従来の、慣習的な

例文: He preferred unconventional methods to conventional approaches in problem-solving.


発音記号: /ˈluːmɪŋ/

品詞: adjective

意味: 迫り来る、立ちはだかる

例文: With the deadline looming, they had to work quickly to finish the project on time.