Operating Profit 営業利益の低下について話す英会話




A: Our operating profit for the first half of 2023 is lower compared to the previous year. We need to investigate the reasons behind this decline.

Operating profit は、一般的に営業利益(売上から原価および販売費・管理費等を控除し、税金は控除する前の数値)のことです。

「2023年の上半期」は、「the first half of 2023」です。下半期は、「the second half of 2023」です。

B: Agreed. Let’s analyze the financial data and identify any contributing factors to this decrease.

A: After reviewing the financial reports, it seems that our sales volume has dropped in key markets. This could be one of the reasons for the decline in operating profit.

B: Additionally, our production costs appear to have increased, impacting our profit margins. We should further investigate to understand the underlying causes.

「underlying causes」というと、表面的には必ずしもはっきりしない、より本質的な原因について言及するというニュアンスがあります。

A: We should also consider any changes in pricing strategies or competitor activities that might have affected our sales and profitability.

B: Absolutely. It’s important to assess market trends, consumer behavior, and our own marketing campaigns to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation.


A: Agreed. Let’s compile all the findings and formulate a strategic plan to improve our operating profit for the upcoming quarters.

B: Absolutely. I think it’s crucial for us to analyze the data thoroughly and identify the key areas where we can enhance our profitability.

A: I agree. We should also consider implementing cost-saving measures and exploring new revenue streams to maximize our operating profit.

B: That’s a good point. Additionally, we should closely monitor market trends and competitors’ strategies to stay ahead of the game and seize any opportunities for growth.


  1. Operating profit – 営業利益
  2. Increase – 増加する
  3. Decrease – 減少する
  4. Financial data – 財務データ
  5. Factors – 要因
  6. Sales volume – 販売数量
  7. Key markets – 主要市場
  8. Production costs – 生産コスト
  9. Profit margins – 利益率
  10. Investigate – 調査する
  11. Underlying causes – 根本的な原因
  12. Financial reports – 財務報告
  13. Possible factors – 可能な要因
  14. Review – レビューする、確認する
  15. Contributing – 貢献する
  16. Analyze – 分析する
  17. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – 主要業績評価指標
  18. Market trends – 市場のトレンド
  19. Cost analysis – コスト分析
  20. Sales projections – 販売予測 Sales forecast ともいう。
  21. Competitor analysis – 競合分析
  22. Pricing strategy – 価格戦略
  23. Marketing campaigns – マーケティングキャンペーン
  24. Consumer behavior – 消費者行動
  25. Market saturation – 市場の飽和状態
  26. Supply chain issues – サプライチェーンの問題
  27. Economic factors – 経済要因
  28. Customer feedback – 顧客のフィードバック
  29. Strategic planning – 戦略的計画