英語で学ぶ ~ クレジットカード会社が儲かる仕組み




A: Hey, have you ever wondered how credit card companies actually make money?

B: Absolutely, they have quite an interesting business model. One major source of revenue is the interest they charge on outstanding balances. For example, let’s say someone carries a $1,000 balance on their card with an annual interest rate of 18%. That’s $180 a year in interest alone!

A: Wow, that adds up quickly. But what about annual fees and other charges?

B: Absolutely, those are important too. Many credit cards come with annual fees, late payment fees, and sometimes even foreign transaction fees. Plus, some premium cards have higher annual fees but offer perks like travel insurance, airport lounge access, and cashback rewards, which can attract customers willing to pay for those benefits.

A: That makes sense. And don’t they also earn money from merchants when customers use their cards for purchases?

B: Exactly! Credit card companies charge merchants a percentage of each transaction as interchange fees. It’s a small amount, but considering the sheer number of transactions that happen every day, it adds up to a significant revenue stream.

the sheer number of の sheer は、取引数が膨大であることを強調する趣旨で使われています。

A: So, it’s not just about the interest on balances. They have multiple ways to generate revenue.

B: Absolutely. And with the increasing popularity of rewards programs and cashback incentives, credit card companies are finding more creative ways to attract customers and keep their profits flowing.

A: Thanks for breaking it down. It’s fascinating how they operate behind the scenes. Recently, it has become increasingly challenging for credit card companies to differentiate themselves, and competition has intensified even further.

B: Absolutely, the world of finance is full of intriguing strategies and mechanisms.

intrigue は、「興味を引きつける」のほか「陰謀を企てる」というような意味もあります。




・決済システムを提供するクレジットカード会社(Visa、American Expressなど)




  1. Issuer クレジットカードを発行する会社
  2. Acquirer アクワイアラー
  3. Revolving Credit リボルビング式クレジット
  4. APR (Annual Percentage Rate) 年間利息・手数料率
  5. Grace Period 猶予期間、無利息期間
  6. Minimum Payment 最低支払額
  7. Overdraft オーバードラフト、過度引き出し
  8. EMV Chip EMVチップ、ICチップ
  9. Cardholder カード所有者(名義人)
  10. Contactless Payment コンタクトレス決済
  11. Merchant 商店(カード加盟店)
  12. Foreign Transaction Fee 海外取引手数料、外貨取引手数料
  13. Fraudulent Transaction 不正取引、詐欺取引
  14. Credit Limit 信用限度額、クレジット枠
  15. Pre-approval 事前承認
  16. Balance Transfer 残高移行
  17. Cash Advance キャッシュアドバンス、現金引き出し
  18. Annual Fee 年会費
  19. Default 債務不履行、デフォルト
  20. Secured Credit Card 担保付きクレジットカード